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Most software programs create schedules by listing room numbers on a board and writing a name above each board. Time consuming. Tedious. Error prone. Costly. Boring.

SHE takes a two step approach:

  1. SHE does a perfect weekly forecast schedule - she knows ranks and seniority, availabilities, requested days off and switch days or changes of job profiles in order to optimize your use of your money. SHE plans your week with business on the books in advance, clearly highlighting possible bottlenecks and offering drops/hangs, contract labor and overtime as remedies.
  2. SHE executes the daily schedule with up-to-date numbers in mind, understands the geometry of the buildings in order to optimize walking, prints perfect boards, shows you how to stock housekeeping carts, handles DNDs (and offers to replace these with drops/hung rooms) - computes your actual consumption of cleaning supplies, amenities and laundry items. 

SHE thereby introduces a methodology for cleaning that is coherent for central storage, (linen) closets, housekeeping carts, and the manner in which products are supplied/installed in the rooms. SHE quickly, certainly and efficiently monitors, documents, tracks and controls assets and their consumption, and thereby virtually eliminates unplanned and unacceptable losses. 

SHE's scheduling is connected with HR evaluations, so you can quickly and efficiently, using documented performance data for each employee, identify personnel development potentials and train your staff.  SHE schedules your staff - but with union compliance and your mission (and money) in mind.