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Best practice - world class

SHE combines the best practice methods from around the world.

SHE’s methodology was developed in cooperation with the best Housekeeping Executives of the last decades, attending corporate operations meetings on every continent, and synthesizing the essence of what brings value delivery to a whole new level. SHE immediately elevates your operations to world class standards at the lowest cost. SHE brings controllable standards to the value delivery process.

And SHE generates a perfect documentation trail, so SHE can always show you what happened and when, both historically, and on a real-time, immediate basis.


SHE is all about visible communication: SHE illustrates each and every metric, so even complex information is transparent and clear at first sight, and very significantly, within split-seconds.

SHE adapts its presentation layer to the various individual devices SHE is run on. SHE turns high-tech to operations, with immediate acceptance by staff through the only universally understood, and easy way of communicating: visualization.


Built-In compliance

SHE is based on transparent evaluations and reviews. In scheduling housekeeping personnel, SHE is always working with seniority and compliance in mind. SHE generates a documentation trail that creates a basis for fair and motivating promotions and efficiency gains.

SHE is a third-party auditable, robust tool for advancing and leveraging your most valuable resource: your unique high-performance team. And SHE can quickly, accurately and easily schedule and manage personnel, either within a single property, or over multiple properties, brands, regions and segments. And every action SHE performs is done with a simple keystroke, on an immediate, real-time basis, and is always visually available to management. SHE is the ultimate information and accountability tool for management, regardless of where management may be located!

Templates for benchmarking

SHE provides unique, proprietary templates for fast, easy and highly reliable implementation of source and quality standards. Thus, SHE can be configured to match brand specification, or service levels (3*, 4*, 5* etc.), or both. And the SHE system allows management to customize the templates to establish other standards or specifications for each individual property, or all properties.   

Upon set up, SHE programs all operational activities to accommodate  these best-in-class templates, and SHE provides the tools to visualize, monitor and control convergence at these levels.


Easy integration for lowest total cost of ownership

SHE is not interfering with your systems. SHE simply, quickly and accurately gathers data from your existing systems, and merely uses this data to create performance protocols within the proprietary SHE software and technology. SHE does not need you to change any of your established processes. SHE simply adds automated standards to previously manual steps. This allows for hotel personnel to experience a minimally invasive and exceptionally easy and reliable start.

SHE saves you money, immediately: with the layered architecture, SHE’s total cost of ownership essentially does not extend beyond the service cost. The substantial savings you will immediately realize through use of SHE go directly to your bottom line - not to integration, not to servers, not to maintenance, not to additional personnel and not to depreciation. You save operating costs!

In the cloud

No Servers. No installations. No maintenance. And no associated costs. No limits on number of users or seats. And no local Hardware and Software management.

Instead, you have instant access to all of your data - visually available on all of your devices - from wherever you are. Immediate, real-time access as and  when you need it - to all your data - visually presented - for all your staff, simultaneously, with a single keystroke!

It is one thing to take an existing application to the cloud - more or less - and another thing to design a system from scratch, for the cloud. SHE gets your management and staff away from their desks and into the property, where value is created. And yet they are never more than a keystroke away from instant visual access to all the data necessary to make immediate and fully-informed decisions on all operational issues.

Super safe. Super secure.

SHE is run on the safest servers:  parallel clusters in highly secured data centers. In addition, SHE further enhances the security of your data by:

  • using the most modern encryption technologies available;
  • anonymizing all your sensitive data; and
  • presenting your processed information and data in customized formats that (1) you need and (2) you specify.

And SHE is constantly updating its security features to insure it is state-of-the-art.

Infinite scalability

You need to add rooms? You want to add users? You want to add one or more additional hotels, and compare all of your properties? You need to include new regions? You are adding new brands? The technology and capabilities of SHE have you  covered. And the additional or enhanced coverage is fast, simple, transparent, seamless and totally secure in every respect.

SHE’s amazing scalability feature gives everyone in management, who you want to have it, up-to-the-second visual operational information and data about all of your separate properties, anywhere in the world, at the stroke of a key! Your data - your format - anytime - anywhere.

Simple pricing that breathes with your occupancy

SHE has “FlexPlan Pricing”. It’s the absolute fairest and most sensible pricing model in the hotel industry - bar none! Here’s how it works: we only charge you for the SHE modules you actually need and use. So you to pick and choose what modules you want to use in your operations. Scale up or down, change functionality as and when you need it, and the price you pay changes accordingly - one click and you are ready to go!

And the best thing about our FlexPlan Pricing: it is driven entirely and exclusively by actual room occupancy! SHE only charges you a per-room fee when you actually have room occupancy. Fewer stays in the off-season, and you pay less.

Currently available SHE modules include

  1. Visual Monitoring;

  2. Report Broadcasting;

  3. Precision-Room Assignment;  

  4. Weekly Scheduling;

  5. Daily Execution and Cart Control;

  6. Predictive Purchasing;

  7. Human Resource development.

Your SHE Visual Monitoring and Report Broadcasting are the basic modules needed for running all other modules.


Best usability for instant impact

We have tried every single button in SHE so many times, evaluated heat maps so thoroughly, and re-iterated the design process so often and meticulously, that we can absolutely guarantee that your staff will be fully able to effectively and efficiently use SHE immediately after installation and a 30-minute supervised introduction. And get immediate results.