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Baseline assessment - benchmarks for process and results - implementation and training - regular audits

  • What is your actual cost per occupied room night?
  • How does this compare to your competition? Within your brand? In your region? In your segment?
  • Where are the immediate potentials for improving your performance? In purchasing? Or in the process?
  • How do you capture these savings? How do you implement changes? How do you train your staff? 
  • How do you prepare new instructions and guidelines? How do you measure performance against these?
  • How do you control deviations? How do you audit your housekeeping regularly?

SHE understands that efficiency and quality are not contradictions, but that they work hand-in-hand.

SHE supports regular evaluations, and cyclical reviews of all personnel. SHE has designed these features into its technology in order to identify the biggest and most promising learning opportunities, such that your staff can reach their full potential. SHE’s documentation trail is third-party auditable and union compliant, so SHE meets your regulatory and other external rules and guidelines for you, seamlessly and efficiently, in real time, so you can spend your valuable (and elusive) time training your team and enhancing your operations and efficiencies.